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    Unlike the Sanam Chandra Palace Campus, since the project to establish the Petchaburi IT Campus was originated during an economic crisis, the new campus could not be perfectly founded due to the budget limitations at such time. As a result, the educational management policy of the new campus had to be emphasized with self-reliance in terms of budgets and cost-saving. For example, all departments of the campus mutually shared resources, whereas information technology was applied for the educational planning in order to reduce the long-term burdens related to salaries/wages (e.g. the two-way distance learning technology used by the instructors at Sanam Chandra Palace Campus and Bangkok Campus). In addition, public participation was enhanced for the educational management, especially the investment of the Local Administrative Organization. 


     Ajarn Put Veeraprasert was appointed to be the rector of the campus in November 2000. He then assigned the deputy rector for planning and development (Ajarn Chaichan Thavornvej) to be responsible for the establishment of the faculties. As the Faculty of Animal Sciences and Agricultural Technology could not be yet opened at Petchaburi IT Campus, the Faculty of Management Science had to be completely established and served by the academic year of 2002. The University Council approved the foundation of the Faculty of Management Science on 19 March 2002. At the beginning, the curriculum for the Bachelor of Arts consisted of only three programs, i.e. Tourism Management, Community Management, and Public Administration.      

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