Guardians for New Students


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Scholarships of the Faculty of Management Science are derived from the following sources:


1. The scholarship from the central unit of Silpakorn University is granted to students of all faculties; 


2. The scholarship provided by the Faculty of Management Science includes the academic merit scholarship, the educational promotion scholarship, scholarship for students contributing or working for the faculty, scholarship from donators and external departments; and 


3. The student loan (KorYorSor) is granted depending on the allocation by the University for each faculty.


General Qualifications of Applicants

The students applying for a scholarship should not have sufficient funds for studying. They should have a good manner and not be involved with any gambling, drugs, or any vices. They should have a grade point average (GPA) at least 2.00 and participate in activities of the faculty and the University. In applying for a student loan (KorYorSor), apart from the aforementioned qualifications, the household income of the applicants should not exceed THB 200,000 per year, whereas such income must be certified by reliable persons. 
(For more details, see the Student Handbook)


Regulations: The students desiring to apply for a scholarship should regularly follow the scholarship news, information, and announcements via the faculty’s website and PR news bulletins because the scholarship must be applied within the first two months of each semester.


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